Our Mission

Our goal is to break up the grey market and to solve the associated uncertainty on the buyer’s side. Buyers of watches on online platforms often have questions about the origin and condition of the watches. Who were the previous owners, how did the watch come to be sold to grey dealers, is the watch really in immaculate condition and are all the parts used in the watch in their original condition?

This is where Watch Shot comes in. With our in-house watchmaking service, we check every watch sold for authenticity and accuracy. Only in this way can we hand over the watch with a Watch Shot certificate to our buyers with a clear conscience and make another satisfied customer happy.

Luxury Watches

Why are luxury watches so fascinating?
For some people, it is a status symbol on the wrist made of various materials such as gold or platinum.
For watch lovers, it is rather the artistry and passion of a mechanically made movement.
For some others, it is simply the myth of legendary watch brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe that enjoy worldwide recognition among collectors and wearers.
At the end of the day, you should feel joy when you look at your wrist to read the time.
Be unique !!!


This section is especially interesting for hunters & collectors who may still be missing a rarity in their watch collection.
Especially older watches from the 70s or 80s are often very sought after to fill a gap in a collector’s collection.
These vintage rarities can often be more expensive than brand new watches.
In a certain series, a model may well undergo an evolution in terms of calibre improvement or change of materials.
Thus, every vintage pre-owned watch tells its own individual story that goes back years or even decades.
This makes every collector’s heart beat faster.

Authenticity Guarantee

The watches offered for sale by Watch Shot come from the assortment of dealers or the collections of private individuals.

The watches are usually checked for authenticity by dealers. Before the watches are being sent to the customers, they are carefully checked for the given parameters and for authenticity.

All dealers give a two-year warranty on their watches. We transfer this warranty to the buyer.

On the one hand, Watch Shot gives the buyer a guarantee promise and, on the other hand, we also offer an additional guarantee of two years for vintage watches from dealers.


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